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Charlier Museum

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Charlier museum: a treasure trove to discover

The Charlier Museum was the home of the philanthropist, art lover and collector Henri Van Cutsem (1839−1904). In 1890, he commissioned the young architect Victor Horta (1861−1947) to renovate the residence. The result is a burgeoning Art Nouveau style in a neo-classical building. Artists were very welcome here. You will discover paintings by James Ensor, Anna Boch, Guillaume van Strydonck, Léon Frédéric, Juliette Wuytsman, Jakob Smits, Eugène Laermans and many others, as well as sculptures created by Guillaume Charlier, Rik Wouters and their contemporaries. The most important artists, active in the Brussels art movements of the turn of the century, are all featured. The rooms are decorated with furniture dating from the 17th till the late 19th century. Several Empire pieces by the Brussels cabinetmaker Jean-Joseph Chapuis are on display, as well as a unique Chinese dining room. The salons are furnished with tapestries from Brussels, Oudenaarde and Aubusson, porcelain from China, Japan and Europe, silverware, beautiful clocks and other decorative objects. The Charlier Museum invites you to daydream, observe & contemplate art, listen to music,… Visit it & be amazed.