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10 exhibitions to beat the winter blues

Museum Night Fever 2023 at Bozar - exhibition Europalia Georgia
Mathilde Oechsner

Discover the city in a whole new light with these 10 captivating exhibitions that will chase away the winter blues.

1) Connecting - KANAL-Centre Pompidou

  • Until 3/12

The exhibition explores how technology influences us, and vice versa. It also shows how online relationships and communities use technology as a medium. You will discover sculptures, installations and projections that plunge you into a world where living and non-living things merge. Connectingquestions what it means to be alive in the age of technology. Take part in the exhibition yourself, thanks to the interactive installations!

The beautiful and the strange mix at Kanal, for your viewing pleasure.

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2) Europalia Georgia : The Avant-Garde in Georgia - Bozar

  • Until 24/01/24

Bozar and the Europalia festival invite you to discover the artistic treasures of early 20th century Georgia. Through many artworks, most of which have been preserved in Georgia, you can immerse yourself in the artistic effervescence typical of the Georgian Avant-Garde. New artistic practices, an explosion of colours and techniques, this exhibition is a unique opportunity to get to know Georgian art, at the confluence of East and West. 

Want to find out more about Georgia and its culture? Visit the Art & History Museum for the heritage exhibition Georgia: a story of encounters.

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3) Jacques Cauda Baroque & Roll - Spontaneous Art Museum

  • Until 7/01/2024

Eccentric and unreal, the Spontaneous Art Museum makes us forget time.

Jacques Cauda takes us on a journey, accompanied by the sounds of his favourite musical genre: jazz. In his own words: The musical notes that enter my ear never leave my body as musical notes, but as letters, words, colours, lines. I write. I draw. I paint.”

His paintings are vibrant and chaotic. They evoke many emotions in the viewer, while retaining an element of mystery.

Jacques Cauda’s works tell us of offbeat worlds, with a dose of exuberance that’s essential for fighting the winter blues. 

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4) Ursula Schulz-Dornburg Niemandslicht’ - Fondation A

  • Until 17/12/23

The images taken by the iconic photographer Ursula Schulz-Dornburg work like portals to another space-time.

Her black-and-white photographs offer a human and sincere portrayal of the world that stirs the emotions. The landscapes of Azerbaijan, Armenia and Turkey highlight the links between architecture and the environment. A journey that is both raw and poetic. 

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5) Azam Masoumzadeh Glad that I came, not sorry to depart’ - Argos

  • Until 23/12/23

This VR experience will take you on a journey to another time: that of the Iranian astrologer and scientist Omar Khayyam. Over a thousand years ago, he wrote 1,000 verses. Azam Masoumzadeh reincarnates them in three dimensions, inspired by the art of Persian miniatures. From love to death, pleasure to happiness, this exhibition challenges our perception of space and time.

This 8-minute VR immersion is made up of 5 scenes, each inspired by a different poem. 

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6) Fashion & art nouveau - Horta Museum in collaboration With Fashion en Lace Museum and Museum of Ixelles

  • Until 14/01/24

Immerse yourself in the world of Art Nouveau at this exhibition bringing together fashion, architecture and art. The Fashion & Lace Museum, the Horta Museum and the Ixelles Museum offer you a dialogue between their respective collections. At the heart of this encounter, nine pieces will be presented. The exhibition reveals the essence of fin-de-siècle style. From elegant dresses and delicate fans to feminine portraits and landscapes evoking nature, discover a timeless inspiration for the artists, couturiers and architects of the Art Nouveau movement. An immersion in the subtle interplay of art and fashion. 

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7) Power - CIVA

  • Until 25/02/24

The Power exhibition invites you to reflect on the issues of energy and politics through a variety of themes: geopolitics, climate justice, wind turbines, recycling centres, etc. The role of infrastructure in energy change is explored through sculptures, installations, drawings and plans.

The Power exhibition also allows you to examine the role of the visitor as an actor in the fields of energy and politics. An issue that is more relevant than ever, inspiring as much as it instructs.

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8) Brussels Queer Graphics - Design Museum Brussels

  • Until 07/01/2024

The Brussels Queer Graphics exhibition presents how LGBTQI+ people in Brussels have used visual art and text to share their ideas and values since the 1950s. The exhibition covers 70 years of daily life, activism and cultural history of LGBTQI+ people and their groups, from the creation of the Belgian Cultural Centre in 1953 to the present day. Far from being an exhaustive project, the exhibition offers a glimpse into this era and the diverse experiences of these communities.

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9) Daughters - Halles Saint-Géry

  • Until 31/12/23

Mothers, sisters and daughters come together at Les Halles Saint Géry. This exhibition creates a genuine dialogue between Art Nouveau and contemporary artists. You can discover the links created by their shared practice. While Art Nouveau advocated artistic equality, women artists were often associated with men or suppressed by the social norms of the time. This exhibition seeks to reveal and celebrate their contribution, offering an inclusive and reflective perspective on their artistic legacy.

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10) Unfree Labour - La Fonderie

  • Until 21/01/2024

The Unfree Labor exhibition questions our ability to choose our work and explores the categories of people likely to be relegated to precarious employment. The exhibition reveals the persistent reality of forced labour, showing the relationships of dominance-subordination. Through concrete cases such as bicycle delivery workers, domestic workers and prison labour, it invites us to reflect on the economic, legal and emotional pressures that lead people to accept unfair conditions. This exhibition, the fruit of collaboration between students from Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg, offers a fresh look at current social issues.

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