Brussels Museums is the independent federation of over 120 Brussels museums. We support, connect, open and promote museums and art centres through numerous initiatives such as Museum Night Fever, the Nocturnes, the Brussels Card, the Art Nouveau Pass, the brus​selsmu​se​ums​.be portalsite and the Open Museum programme, which works sustainably to create more inclusive spaces.

Our team : 

Julien Staszewski

Dominique Warnotte
Administration, Accountancy Brussels Card, Attendance Figures

Didier Paternoster
Accounting & Administration

Yolaine Oladimeji 
Project Manager Nocturnes, Museum Night Fever

Max Wijnings
Assistant Project Manager Nocturnes, Museum Night Fever

Julie Desbois-Jones (back-up Mary Peterson)
Open Museum Manager

Gaétane Liétaert
Manager Brussels Card, Art Nouveau Pass

Emilia Van Roy
Communications Coordinator

Anujin Magnaijargal
Social Media Manager

How we work

The General Assembly, in which each museum holds a voice, establishes every year the list of priority projects. The Administrative Committee makes sure that they are successfully completed. A permanent committee makes sure the projects are concretely achieved.

Brussels Museums is supported by the Brussels-Capital Region, the two community commissions (French and Flemish), the Flemish Community, the French Community, the City of Brussels, the National Bank of Belgium and by its members.

Board of directors

  • Jean-François Leconte (KANAL - Centre Pompidou)
  • Frédérique Honoré (Coudenberg Palace)
  • Isabelle Debekker (Belgian Comic Strip Centre)
  • Vanessa Braekeveld (KBR)
  • Aurélie Cerf (BELvue Museum)
  • Klara Herremans (Royal Museums of Art and History)
  • Constanze Itzel (House of European History)
  • François Makanga (freelance guide)
  • Stéphanie Masuy (Museum of Ixelles)
  • Jean-Luc Petit (Brussels City Museums)
  • Grégory Thirion (Botanique)
  • Lyse Vancampenhoudt (doctoral student UCL - MRBAB / KMSKB) 
  • Estielle Vandeweeghe (CENTRALE for contemporary art)
  • Danielle Vidanovski (Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium)
  • Anne Clossen (npo Arts & Culture - Freelance guide)
    external member