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Maison Hannon

photo façade / foto gevel / picture facade
Maison Hannon © Paul Louis
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Maison Hannon stairs © Paul Louis Maison Hannon window © Anujin Magnaijargal Maison Hannon stairs © Anujin Magnaijargal Maison Hannon room © Anujin Magnaijargal
One of the masterpieces of Art Nouveau in Brussels. Standing at the crossroads of Belgian and French Art Nouveau, it represents a symbolist and dream-like world.

Built on the corner of Avenue Brugmann and Avenue de la Jonction in Saint-Gilles, The Hannon House was commissioned by the Hannon couple whose name it bears, Marie and Edouard, from their architect friend Jules Brunfaut in 1902. The house combines Marie’s taste for botany and Édouard’s taste for poetry, Greek antiquity and technology. The interior is furnished entirely by Émile Gallé, the French master of Art Nouveau, and features contemporary works by James Ensor, Victor Rousseau and Émile Claus. The frescoes in the stairwell and reception room are by Paul Baudouin.

After several restoration campaigns, the building is now open to the public as a house museum dedicated to Belgian and international art nouveau style.