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UCL - Sculpture Garden

Open air contemporary sculpture garden.

At the heart of this beautiful botanical park of 3 ha. arranged as a public garden and containing a Garden of Medicinal Plants (enclosure of 20 acres), UCL-Brussels has, since 1988, displayed a permanent collection of contemporary sculptures, which has been added to over the years: Philippe Jacques, André Eijberg, Gérard Dederen, Bo Allison, Lambert Rocour, Pierre Culot, Tristan Cassamajor, Anne Jones, Dodeigne and Michel Smolders.

The ensemble fills the park so perfectly that it provides poetic and plastic landmarks which make it seem ten times larger! Practically all orientations and all materials (bronze, steel, granite, wood, brick) are represented. And the opposition between the abstract and the figurative is rightly relegated to a back seat: the sculptures flow from one to the next, playing on different notes and sharing one thing in common: they are all enthused.