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Planetarium of Brussels

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Don’t miss this unique experience: explore the universe as if you were right in the heart of it, enter the magic of the Planetarium and enjoy a world without boundaries.

The Planetarium is a magical place to discover the beauty of the starry sky. Beneath a semi-spherical dome, embark on a journey where the canopy of heaven, panoramic landscapes and astronomical images blend together. From now on, the Planetarium of the Royal Observatory of Belgium, one of the largest in Europe, welcomes you to a completely redesigned projection hall, with a state-of-the-art projection system made up of eight of the latest technology video-projectors. Visitors will thus be immersed in a fascinating image projected on the dome covering 840 m². Thanks to an astronomy database containing more than 100.000 stars, it’s possible to travel among planets, fly above Mars or even approach the rings of Saturn! Escape beyond the limits of the solar system, even the Milky Way!