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Museum of Abstract Art

The Museum of Abstract Art is the first one in Belgium and the fourth in the world.

It is located right to the house in Jette were René Magritte lived for many years. Nowadays, both buildings are connected with each other. The museum shows mainly Belgian, abstract art. The collection consists of more than 750 works a third of which will be shown permanently. The second floor contains the historical avant-garde from the 1920s, with important names such as Servranckx, Vantongerloo, Peeters or Flouquet. In the beginning Magritte also painted in this style and was a friend of them. The ground floor and the third floor contain the second generation of abstract artists (from the 1950s to the 1980s and further), including geometric and lyrical abstract artists (such as Alechinsky, Pol Bury, Bertrand, Rets, Delahaut).