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Maurice Carême Museum

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The Maurice Carême Museum is a house-museum that offers a bubble of poetry in the heart of the city.

Maurice Carême (1899−1978) is a world-famous Belgian poet, especially for his poetry for children. In the timeless calm of his little white house, the visitor is immersed in the intimacy of writing. He discovers the setting in which the poet lived, the places that inspired him and the long process that leads from the first draft to the published work. The house, built in the 1930s, has been preserved intact. It was for Maurice Carême more than a living space, a true poetic utopia. It keeps the memory of a literary and artistic environment. On its walls, the visitor discovers works by painters who were Maurice Carême’s friends, such as Paul Delvaux, Marcel Delmotte, Roger Somville, Devi Tuszynski, Luc De Decker, Robert Liard, War Van Overstraeten, Jules Lismonde, Henri-Victor Wolvens, Léon Navez, Rodolphe Strebelle or Felix De Boeck. The house also preserves a remarkable literary heritage of rare editions, art books, manuscripts, scores, in particular by Francis Poulenc or Darius Milhaud who set Maurice Carême’s poems to music.