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Maurice Carême Museum

The work and personality of the Belgian French-speaking poet Maurice Carême (1899-1978) in his own environment.

This museum, former house of the French speaking writer Maurice Carème, offers an overview on his life and an intimate and faithful portrait through an extensive archive. Having become a poet of childhood in the French-speaking world as a whole, his work is also suitable for an adult audience. His house shelters an impressive art collection: antiquities such as furnitures and old vases, paintings and illustrations by well-known artists (such as Paul Delvaux, Felix De Boeck, Marcel Demotte, Luc De Decker, Léon Navez, Roger Somville, Jules Lismonde), sculptures, scores inspired on his work (from Francis Poulenc, Darius Milhaud, Carl Orff and others) and records.