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Fraternelle des Agents Parachutistes

The Parachute Agents who met again after the war were keen to form a Fraternity among themselves.  

When this fraternity was set up in the rue du Châtelain in Ixelles, the founding members formed a non-profit association. This structure persists today, maintained not by the Parachute Agents who have all disappeared, but by their descendants who welcome among them members who share the same values. The statutes were adapted in February 2020, in full fidelity with the spirit of the founders.

The aims of the Fraternelle is to maintain and honour the memory of the agents parachuted or infiltrated in occupied territories in 1940-1945 thanks to the allied forces gathered in Great Britain. Keeping alive and transmitting to the young generations the patriotic values and the spirit of Resistance, comradeship and solidarity which animated the Parachutist Agents.

The House was born from the Parachute Agents, but since its foundation, it has been open to the Amicale des Parachutistes SAS as well as to sympathetic members who had worked like them to defend our freedoms. Today, it continues to cultivate conviviality and openness.