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Fashion & Lace Museum

The Fashion & Lace Museum displays its collections by means of major annual exhibitions.

These address both the design and the production and social use of the garments. The exhibitions transport you to diverse and captivating worlds. From items never before exhibited, such as in Masculinities or Back Side, through historical themes, such as the glamour of the 1930s or the bold ‘70s, to exhibitions devoted to Belgian designers such as Carine Gilson and Jean-Paul Lespagnard. Parallel to these major exhibitions, the museum also offers:

- The Fashion Room, an unparalleled space in Belgium, provides you with the opportunity to understand how a museum builds its collections. Discover exceptional items, not hidden behind glass, in order to see them up close. - The Lace Room displays remarkable pieces that illustrate the finesse, high quality and beauty of Brussels lace. Explore the history of this type of fabric, so valued by the elites in the 17th century yet no longer in vogue today.

Housed in a series of historic houses at the heart of Brussels, the Fashion & Lace Museum holds some 15,000 pieces from the 16th century to the present. The Museum has the most important collections in the world when it comes to Brussels design and production, which it seeks to position in a Belgian and international context. Its collections attest to the changes in fashion as well as to a specific era of our culture and our society.