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A fun and interactive exhibition for all ages on the Brussels-Capital Region.

Tucked away at Place Royale, the centre of Brussels’ Museum Quarter, is your starting point to discovering or rediscovering the many faces Brussels has to offer. This clear, intriguing exhibition challenges your perceptions of what defines Brussels and puts a spotlight on the places, the institutions, and the people that keep the heart of Europe beating.What best symbolizes Brussels? Is it a giant atom? A small peeing boy? An impressive gold-embellished townhouse? The constant rain? Our decadent snacks? To say the least, this region has an identity crisis. At, our aim is to widen your scope; to reveal Brussels’ complexities and charm. This exhibition is your opportunity to see, hear, and feel more; to rediscover this region.Interact with Brussels transportation system; learn about how Europe’s capital moves its colorful people around the region. Reach the four corners, nineteen neighborhoods, and countless faces of this progressive yet misunderstood metropolis. Turn giant illustrated pages to reveal even bigger turning points in this Brussels’ history. Test your knowledge of the European Union. Meet Brusseleirs, and learn other strange sounding local words. Interact with the fun-for-all-ages interactive model. Whether you walk in as a local or a visitor; you’re sure to learn something about this evolving capital. And before you leave, don’t forget to write your personal postcard!This exhibition’s easily comprehensible content delivers years of insights even locals might not acquire in decades. You are sure to discover the charm of small and big neighborhoods and truly experience Brussels whether you’re in town for a few days, or whether you’re a born and raised sheds light on the lesser-known sides of Brussels to be enjoyed entre potes’ and family alike, as a group, or on your own!