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This museum, library, archive and publisher emphasizes on Belgian architecture from mid-19th to the 21st century.

Created in 2016 at the initiative of the Brussels-Capital Region, CIVA brings together within a single structure the resources, knowledge and know-how of several cultural associations active in Brussels in the fields of architecture, town planning, landscape and the study of ecosystems: the Archives d’Architecture Moderne, the René Pechère Library, the Fonds pour l’architecture, the Paul Duvigneaud Centre and CIVA asbl (now dissolved). Through its cultural project, CIVA contributes to the development of an architectural, landscape and urban culture as a basis for facing contemporary challenges, with special emphasis on Brus​sels​.In successfully fulfilling its missions and addressing a wide public, CIVA organizes numerous events and activities at various locations, including temporary and permanent exhibitions, conferences, debates, exchanges of opinion and educational activities. It also makes exceptional archives and libraries containing almost 40.000 works and journals on architecture, town planning, the history of towns and cities, landscapes, gardens and urban ecology available to the general public.These activities and materials are designed to arouse the curiosity and interest of all in our living environment, whether built or living.