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Camille Lemonnier Museum

Working office of Camille Lemonnier and Belgian letters in French.

This museum is fully dedicated to the life and work of the famous Belgian writer Camille Lemonnier (1844-1913). The collection was composed by the Belgian French speaking author’s granddaughter Marie out of well conserved objects out of Lemonnier’s office. A considerable Breton library includes literary works of the 19th century and many drawings, while a second room contains prestigious paintings and sculptures that once belonged to Lemonnier. Pieces by James Ensor, Fernand Khnopff, Auguste Rodin, Emile Claus, Guillaume Van Strijdonck, Jef Lambeaux, Théo Van Rysselberghe, Jean Delville and many others contribute to an important collection that adds significantly to a better understanding of the author’s work and the literary life in Belgium and France from 1850 to 1912.