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Brussels Museum of the Gueuze

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Discover how the the typically Brussels beer Lambic and derived products are all brewed based on the same, traditional methods.

Don’t be afraid, open the door of the 56 rue Gheude. The Gueuze Museum? That’s a time machine. You’ll leave the modern civilization, goodbye noise, goodbye world. But where are we ?”, you will ask yourself. Well, you are in a family brewery where Lambic, Gueuze, Faro and Kriek are made and where nothing has changed since it was founded in 1900. The Van Roy-Cantillon family welcomes you and invites you to discover a fabulous world. Beers, tools and brewing process are still the same as in the beginning. Surely, you’ll be able to taste a real traditional Gueuze-Lambic and if you would like to know more about the Kriek or the Framboise, just ask the brewer!