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Belfius Art Gallery

The Belfius Art Gallery located at the top of the Belfius Tower will show you the most beautiful works from our vast collection of Belgian art, from works by Flemish masters through to those by contemporary artists. As a bonus, you will also have a breathtaking view of Brussels.

The Belfius collection is the largest collection of Belgian art in the country. The collection comprises more than 4,300 works of art and is the result of the merger of the collections of Crédit Communal de Belgique, Paribas Banque Belgique and BACOB Banque. After the Second World War, both Crédit Communal and Paribas Belgique began to acquire valuable works of Belgian national heritage in order to prevent them from disappearing abroad. From the outset, Crédit communal focused on Belgian art from 1860 onwards, while Paribas concentrated mainly on works from the 16th to 18th centuries and on contemporary art. BACOB bank started its collection in 1980 and has devoted itself exclusively to contemporary Belgian art. Today, the collection covers almost five centuries.