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Yves Lecomte - Mirror Maze

Exhibitions Art > Botanique
The work of Yves Lecomte (Binche 1974, lives and works in Brussels) is primarily structured around enjoyment, effacement, duplication, the past and happenstance. He brings to life the possibilities and aporia of duplication, reflection, logical and visual paradoxes, linguistical turnarounds and mises en abyme.
He assimilates the codes of minimalistic aesthetics without ever attempting to replicate its discourse. His entire work is permeated by a conceptual rigour but is - quite deliberately -contaminated, in a humourous and poetic manner, by chance elements.Through his exhibition at Botanique, Yves Lecomte invites viewers to ask themselves what it is that they are seeing. They will discover his works, their duplicates, their representations, their copies, their variations on a journey that will disturb memory, perception, time and space.