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In the former Citroën garage parking lot, large installations from the Center Pompidou's collections invite free movement in the vast spaces of the workshop.
JEAN PROUVÉ, MAISON TROPICALE, 1953 The Maison Tropicale, whose only concrete realization in Africa was as a show home, is a symbol of the frustrated industrial production of Jean Prouvé and of the ongoing development of his ideas on standardization and prefabrication. Metal against metal, a dialogue takes shape between the Maison Tropicale and the structure of the workshop.« AROUND THE MAISON TROPICALE » : A CINEMATIC AND DISCURSIVE PROGRAMME From May 2018 to June 2019, the presentation of the Maison Tropicale will be accompanied by a cinematic and discursive programme that casts a critical contemporary perspective on the issues in terms of aesthetics and memory of European colonial history. A project curated by Jonathan Pouthier and Diane Toubert, Musée national d’art moderne, Centre Pompidou.TO EACH HIS OWN HOUSE. HOUSING IN THE BELGIAN CONGO: 1945 – 1960 As a counterpoint to Jean Prouvé's Maison tropicale, an icon of modern architecture that remains a prototype, CIVA offers an exhibition made from its own archives, showing the reality of what was built in the Belgian Congo in the post-war years: responses to the housing crisis, technical experiments and adaptation to climate, tropical modernism, metropolitan architecture, and of course, spatial translation of social segregation.TOYO ITO, PAO II: DWELLINGS FOR THE TOKYO NOMAD WOMEN, 1989–2017 On the threshold of the virtual, Pao II presents itself as a frail shelter suspended over the insatiable urban fabric of the Japanese metropolises. Presented in one of the workshop’s short tunnels, the work proclaims the qualities of the nomad dwelling and advocates the use of light structures to form open spaces, capable of submitting to the uses of everyday life.ROSS LOVEGROVE FOR LASVIT, LASVIT LIQUIDKRISTAL PAVILION, 2012 This glass pavilion unites digital architecture and design, oscillating through its undulating walls between a liquid and solid state. It is here transformed into a ‘prospective cabinet’ in which are displayed works by young designers exploring the most advanced digital technologies. This installation was made with the support of Lasvit.MARTIAL RAYSSE, OUED LAOU, 1971/2014 In 1971 Martial Raysse created an environment evoking those rivers in the semi-barren regions that are the wadis. A contemplative and sound space, this installation evokes the community adventure which Raysse got involved in Morocco in the early 1970s.WALK THE CHAIR, 2010 LA RIBOT This installation consists of 50 fold-up chairs on which La Ribot has inscribed quotes using the technique of pyrography. Inviting the visitor to develop a playful awareness of his own performance in the space of the museum, these chairs can be used freely and spontaneously.