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Céline Cuvelier - Jetlag Dream

Exhibitions Art > Botanique
Tourism, immigration and then the place where they meet. In the winter of 2020-2021, in the Botanique Gallery, Céline Cuvelier invites us to reflect on the way we travel and why. Be it a painting, sculpture or an installation, each of her iterations suggest a map, builds a landscape.
The outline of a hybrid territory appears, drawn from experiences, expectations and pretexts, as well as our questions that have gone unanswered.Brussels, Paris, London, Venice, Taiwan, Moscow. We travel the world at breakneck speed. From "city trips" to "discovery trips" we cross territories, take pictures, buy trinkets, package everything and take it home. What is there in these far flung places that pushes us to cross land and sea, always faster, always further? How can we still experience these places when our travels are so frenetic and what is the role of travel trophies; the photos and souvenirs we collect along our pilgrimages?Like a mirror image and almost symmetrically, the myth of an Eldorado pushes our peers at the other end of the world to cross these lands in the opposite direction, always further, always slower. When travelling, what impact do temporality and intensity have on our perception of the lands we cross? What are the phantasmagorical images of those who flee from ours?