Beautiful Lace & Carine Gilson

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In this new exhibition, the Brussels designer reveals what inspires her: the Garden of Eden and Japaneseinspired kimonos, as well as Art Nouveau and the works of famous painters. She talks about her encounters and her collaborations with high-flying artisans. She describes the
creative process for her sophisticated, luxury pieces. The codes of her Maison are implicitly revealed because, as with every Maison de Couture, a unique DNA runs through her three decades of creation.

Beautiful Lace & Carine Gilson offers an astonishing encounter between two key moments for lace, which has had the world's crème de la crème at its fingertips for the last 200 years. For the last 30 years in Brussels, Carine Gilson has been creating couture lingerie that combines silk and lace.