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Yannick Ganseman - Wolken boven Brussel (Nuages)

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Yannick Ganseman presents the project Wolken boven Brussel (Nuages) at CENTRALE | lab (20.04 > 17.09.2023), in which he takes on the artistic challenge of transforming and transposing a work of art from the inside to the outside and vice versa.

The project for CENTRALE | lab stems from this challenge of transforming work inside” into work outside”.

Since 2008, Yannick Ganseman’s work has consisted of intimate still lives, portraits and landscapes in oil paint. It has been exhibited in museums and galleries in Flanders, the Netherlands and Japan. Wolken boven Brussel (Clouds) is his first solo exhibition in Brussels.

The artist will create a ceramic interpretation of a thunderstorm over Brussels in a processual and participatory project.
The work will be produced and exhibited in CENTRALE | lab and installed in the public space on Place Sainte-Catherine.

The first version of this storm will be made of ephemeral materials (PU foam, wood, expanded polystyrene, clay, etc.) at CENTRALE | lab, with the participation of the public.
The work will then be transposed to Place Sainte-Catherine, where it will be exposed to the weather, to passers-by, to natural degradation and to possible graffiti. The result will then be recomposed in the interior space, constituting the starting point for a work in clay, which, cut out and fired, will give the final version in ceramic for the public space.

The choice of clouds and a stormy sky reflects a well-known aspect of Brussels, the cobblestones darkened by the often gloomy northern sky. The artwork on the ground will mirror the Brussels sky, illuminating its often rain-splashed cobblestones.

The final artwork will become a meeting place that visually responds to the diverse environment of the square. Passers-by will soon be meeting-up at the clouds’ of Place Sainte-Catherine.

With the support of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation