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Unique en son genre

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A Drag Queen, a book, a listening child and an adult by their side. Together.
How can we reflect on the notion of gender through literature, music, poetry, words and colours when we are still young? They don't change their skin to enchant us, they just change their costume. How to approach these complex subjects when you still have a lot of glitter in your eyes? Well, it depends. The reading Unique en son genre (one of a kind) is an opportunity for young children to open themselves up to the complexity of individuals. An invitation to dialogue that recalls the reality and beauty of diversity.Peggy Lee Cooper is a cabaret artist, mistress of ceremonies, singer of jazz, blues and great texts, stand up actress, ... Her unique style and humor have made her a world muse for several decades. She is often compared to Eartha Kitt, Bette Middler, Marlene Dietrich, Louis Armstrong, Tom Waits or a walrus.A project developed at Théâtre de Liège by Edith Bertholet and Sébastien Hanesse.- FR - Ages 3-12 - Free, no reservation required - Duration: +/- 60min