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Reinoud Van Mechelen & a nocte temporis

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Legros, haute-contre de Gluck

Reinoud Van Mechelen is not a countertenor, but has an exceptionally high tenor voice. These haute-contres were the French superstars of the 17th and 18th centuries. In recent years, Van Mechelen has been working on a trilogy of the three greatest and most important haute-contres of the era: Pierre de Jéliote, for whom Rameau wrote absolutely stunning arias; Louis Dumesny the favourite of Jean-Baptiste Lully and finally, Joseph Legros who shone in French operas by Gluck, Gossec, Piccinni and others. This haute-contre excelled for his extraordinarily brilliant, versatile register. Come and discover this new project along with a nocte temporis, which has become a reference in baroque music in just ten years.