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Philip Catherine Quartet - John Scofield Trio

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! The Concert will start at 07:30pm
Bozar has the immense honour of presenting two giants in the guitar world, in the course of the same evening, whose respective careers, extending over half a century, have given the instrument a place in its own right on the jazz scene and beyond.? 
This trio formed by John Scofield, Vicente Archer and Bill Stewart exudes camaraderie and inventive spontaneity. The three musicians breeze through a well-crafted set of jazz standards and skilful original compositions. More than just a collection of pieces, this trio’s music embodies the spirit that has kept jazz alive and visceral since it emerged. John, Bill and Vicente have been sharing the stage for the past four years on various Scofield projects and recordings. In this concert at Bozar, they will perform Scofield originals from more than forty albums!?
Philip Catherine is without a doubt the most iconic musician on the Belgian guitar scene and has risen to the apogee of his art on an international level. He will perform on stage at Bozar with his regular quartet, including his faithful sidekicks Bart De Nolf on double bass with piano poet Nicola Andrioli, and the young Beninese Angelo Moustapha, a new rising star on drums. He’s relentlessly pursuing his quest for renewal and perfection in a wide range of musical styles, from irresistible rock grooves to the vast lyrical phrases of which he is the master.