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Moving Earths

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Zone Critique
Moving Earths is a performance, unlike any other, that portrays the process in which thoughts take form. Thought in motion, like the Earth. What if, 400 years after refuting geocentricism proclaimed by the Church, science were now to teach us that space and time on Earth were a mere human construct? The bedrock of our certainties, which seemed so stable, would slip from beneath our feet, forcing us to totally reconsider our understanding of the world. At the crossroads of theatre and philosophy, Moving Earths resembles its author. Bruno Latour, whose research in the field of sociology of science has been acclaimed the world over, delineates a fascinating reflection on our universe, masterfully directed by Frédérique Aït-Touati and brought to light in a stunning stage design by Patrick Laffont de Lojo. A dazzling aesthetic of thought, which, in total harmony with the magic on stage, becomes an act of pure creation.