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KANAL & Les Actionnaires presens: Vox Low & Elzo

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"Les Actionnaires" are at the basis of many evenings and festivals between Paris and Brussels. Founded in 2011 by Gilles Vanneste, the composition of the collective has often changed over the years and the many events. The most important events in recent years are: Le Nouvel An Belge (2008-2014), La Tournée Générale de Gaule (2014), Je Suis Humain-e (pour Amnesty International - 2017) and of course the regular Actionnaires (since 2011 until today almost 60!). Always with an avant-garde line up with a.o. J. Bree, Acid Arab, La Femme, Zombie Zombie, Weird Dust, Front De Cadeaux...
Driven by an independent and idiosyncratic approach to music, Les Actionnaires has been on the bill of many events and festivals such as Mons 2015, Les Nuits Sonores, Ideal Trouble, Europalia or the Listen Festival.

Many of them have never been able to choose between disco and punk, between Giorgio Moroder and Suicide, more recently the French touch, garage and krautrock. For Born Bad Records, their label, ‘Vox Low on stage is an acid-house version of The Jesus & Mary Chain’. For France Inter, it's a band ‘with a low or deep voice, whose record resembles a black and blood-red industrial mausoleum, with dystopian sounds from the 1980s’. In other words, a certain idea of goth you can dance to, already acclaimed by iconic DJs like the late Andrew Weatherall, Ivan Smagghe and Jennifer Cardini. In this genre in which everything gets thrown together, however, not many can deliver on stage, and that’s what sets Vox Low apart from the competition. For the Parisian quartet, live performances are indeed essential: they are a real band that likes to sweat in concert and not simply accompany computer loops. Punk’s not dead. It has just learned to dance.

A psychedelic punk graphic designer, we owe him a ton of concert and party posters (Recyclart, Rockerill, etc.) but also record sleeves (La Femme, Thee Oh Sees, etc.), visuals for skateboards, frescos and even regular illustrations for the newspaper Le Monde; yet he is not known for his love of skulls sticking out their tongues, physical deformations like Charles Burns, and flashy colours. In addition to these ‘real jobs’, Elzo organizes parties and concerts, and is a co-creator of Teenage Menopause Records, a sort of Paris-Brussels cousin of the Born Bad label, with a similar but more turbulent spirit. Finally, he is a DJ with a broad musical knowledge and who, despite having his arm in a sling, can go for hours playing radical techno or punk-rock from 1975 to nowadays … In short, he puts the punk in techno and the techno in punk – just keep on yelling and take no prisoners.

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