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Diana Damrau & Helmut Deutsch

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Rossini, Bizet, Liszt, Debussy & others

German soprano Diana Damrau returns to Brussels for a recital with pianist Helmut Deutsch, with whom she regularly explores the world of melody. As brilliant in the upper register as she is powerful in the middle register, her voice serves a pronounced theatrical temperament. For her recital in Bozar, Damrau provides us a journey through three contrasting worlds. Starting with that of Robert and Clara Schumann, a mythical couple in the city and on stage. Clara Schumann was an extraordinary pianist, but also an inspired composer, as was her husband. For the second half, Diana Damrau has selected a series of Spanish melodies from the first half of the 20th century on the theme of love. Before concluding with a few pieces by Richard Strauss, one of the last representatives of the romantic tradition of the Lied.