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Aubecq : Fragments - Immersive experience about the Hôtel Aubecq

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LAB·An & Hotel Van Eetvelde
Housed in the extension to the Hôtel de Maître, at 2 avenue Palmerston, LAB·AN invites you to discover the exhibition « Aubecq: Fragments », an immersive experience about the Hôtel Aubecq, a major creation by Victor Horta. The installation combines video and mapping on a stone façade, immersing the viewer in the swirl of this work destroyed in 1950.

« Aubecq: Fragments » is an immersive experience of one of Victor Horta’s major creations: the Hôtel Aubecq.

All we have of the Hôtel Aubecq are fragments: part of the façade, a few plans and rare black-and-white photographs. The film is a free interpretation of the available archives, in an attempt to bring this masterpiece, destroyed in 1950, back to life.

« Fragments » is a journey through time, revealing the splendour of the Hôtel Aubecq and raising questions about its demolition and the future of its preserved façade.