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#museumathome: Brussels Museums calls on museums to resist online

Brussels Museums launches the #MuseumAtHome campaign via its social networks.

The cultural sector is being wounded by the coronavirus crisis all over the world.

A wind of austerity was already blowing for many cultural actors, artists and freelancers, creators and cultural workers and today, the crisis is unprecedented. In Brussels, the museum sector is facing dramatic financial damage, the extent of which our organization is currently trying to assess.

For its part, Brussels Museums vzw, which was unable to maintain its flagship event Museum Night Fever, is also hit violently by the situation. As soon as possible, Brussels Museums would like to see constructive and supportive measures put in place to deal with this cultural, social and economic ordeal. These measures have already been mentioned by Minister Linard, whom we support and thank. It should be remembered that the cultural sector also plays a massive and active role in the country's economy.

For museum audiences and cultural workers, life must go on. That is why Brussels Museums is launching the #MuseumAtHome campaign via its social networks in the coming weeks. This campaign wants to encourage museums in Brussels, Belgium and why not, around the world to resist and continue to share their treasures online.

Museums who wish to do so are invited to share their virtual tours, evoke the history of their favourite works or masterpieces, talk about their most recent exhibition, ... by using the hashtag #MuseumAtHome in their posts.

Brussels Museums will share the contents of the Brussels museums on its Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages @brusselsmuseums.

The aim of this campaign is to make visitors and public authorities aware of the importance of museums that are open and accessible to everyone, of the beauty that is to be found there and of all the work that goes on in museums even behind closed doors.