Museum Night Fever, one night to challenge the codes

The complete programme of Museum Night Fever 2020 is now available online.

With 29 participating museums, this night offers the perfect space for a thousand young people to develop personal, inclusive and frankly rather unexpected multidisciplinary artistic proposals.

What can you expect from the electrifying atmosphere of Museum Night Fever? Well, countless combinations of discoveries: exhibitions, concerts, performances, installations, film, black magic, artworks that speak, giant luminous jellyfish... It's all up to you! In short, we make sure you spend a great evening and get rid of any inhibitions.

As if this wasn't enough, 5 afterparties mixing music and audio-visual performances close the night with a bang. Get to see Le Motel & Antoine De Schuyter at the Army Museum, OTON (Live) + Dc Salas & Bon Public at the Halles Saint-Géry, Théo Gee at, BLEDARTE at WIELS and finally Cosmic Pop Records + Loumana & Peter Clinton at MIMA.

Have a good time browsing through our program and don't forget to purchase your presales at a reduced price before March 14th.