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Into the heart of Art Nouveau in Brussels with the ART NOUVEAU PASS

In addition to several actions to promote Art Nouveau in Brussels, Brussels Museums non-profit and are launching on June 10, in collaboration with the tourist office, a brand new ART NOUVEAU PASS.

The secrets of Art Nouveau within everyone's reach

To make Brussels more visible as the birthplace of Art Nouveau and to facilitate access to its jewels, an all-in-one pass will allow visitors to discover 3 Art Nouveau places to choose from among 7 emblematic beauties of the movement in Brussels.

The ART NOUVEAU PASS brings together the Maison Autrique, the Maison Cauchie, the Horta Museum, the Hôtel Solvay, the MIM - Museum of Musical Instruments, the Belgian Comic Strip Centre and the Wolfers Frères jewelry store recreated in the Art & History Museum.

The initiative was born from the same desire to bring together a heritage and an offer that is still too little known to the people of Brussels, Belgians, and foreign tourists. Intended to expand over time with splendid new places, the ART NOUVEAU PASS is an easy and economical discovery offer.

An offer with 2 economical formulas

The ART NOUVEAU PASS is available in two versions that will allow you to visit 3 Art Nouveau sites over a period of 6 months from the date of purchase. A first formula is proposed at the preferential rate of 19 € and allows you to choose among 6 places, except the Hôtel Solvay. A second package at 29 € includes the Hotel Solvay and 2 places to choose among the 6 other exceptional places.

Several discounts are also offered for each ART NOUVEAU PASS on a guided Art Nouveau tour of your choice by the ARAU, Atelier de Recherche et d'Action Urbaines and by Brussels Chatterguides. So you know where to look to find the rare gem of Art Nouveau architecture in Brussels.

The ART NOUVEAU PASS is available for purchase from June 10 on