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8 virtual tours of museums in Brussels

Museums and other cultural venues have closed their doors again in Belgium because of the second wave of covid-19, but there is no reason to miss out on culture thanks to these numerous virtual tours that you can follow directly from home. Until we reopen, have a great digital time!

Visit all BOZAR exhibitions virtually

Thanks to the 3D scan, you can immerse yourself from home in the many current BOZAR exhibitions. HOTEL BEETHOVEN, Philippe Vandenberg's Molenbeek, Danser Brut, Next Generation, Please, STARTS Prize '20 or Gallery of Futures: one must fit your mood!

The masterpieces of the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium

With Google Arts & Culture, you can explore the richest collection of fine arts from the 15th to the 20th century in Belgium: the Royal Museums of Fine Arts preserve no less than 20,000 works with nearly 200 pieces to be discovered on the platform.

250 years of the Museum of Natural Sciences - Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences

Once again thanks to Google Arts & Culture, you can browse through the 250 years of activity of the Museum of Natural Sciences. With its 37 million minerals, dinosaurs, insects, shells and mammals, the museum has the 3rd largest natural science collection in Europe, after Paris and London. From Bernissart's iguanodons to the Gallery of Evolution or through a 360° virtual guided tour, there's plenty to keep you busy!

The masterpieces of the Art & History Museum

Did you know you could consult the online catalogue of the masterpieces of the Art & History Museum freely? Egyptian death mask, Merovingian drinking horn, "The broken ear" statue as immortalized by Hergé in the adventures of Tintin: the range of this collection is incredible.

Walk in the Maison Autrique by Victor Horta

Let's discover the origins of Art Nouveau. The Maison Autrique is one of the first creations (1893) of the Belgian Victor Horta. Its interior, which is faithful to the typical style of the Brussels mansions of the era, already has the Art Nouveau accents that were to consecrate the illustrious architect!

The Royal Theatre of La Monnaie also has its collection

Largest opera house in Belgium and one of the most beautiful ancient European theaters, La Monnaie is already 300 years old and has survived many events to become a leading and modern figure in the operatic art in Europe! An interactive visit via Google Arts & Culture and operas to admire on the site of La Monnaie.

The Museum of the National Bank

Feel like entering the safe room of the National Bank Museum? This very simple online visit takes you into the museum which traces the evolution of the different means of payment and the role of a central bank in Europe.

The Brussels Sewer Museum

With this 3D virtual tour, the most underground museum in Brussels makes sure to surprise you. 350 km of underground branches combed through with a fine-tooth comb!

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