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3 out of 5 Belgians want to go the museum more often

A survey carried out on 2000 Belgians for the museumPASSmusées reveals many challenges for Belgian museums. 

As part of the International Museum Day on Saturday 18 May, the museumPASSmusées, the organisation behind the national museums pass, is presenting a study on the audiences of Belgian museums.

Out of 2000 respondents, 73% say they occasionally visit a museum, but almost half visit less than once a year. 3 out of 5 people say they would like to spend more time at the museum.

In 41% of cases, it is the entrance fee that makes the visit to the museum less easy. The lack of information about the museum offer (35%) and the distance (25%) are other factors discouraging potential visitors. "These are the prejudices that we must deconstruct together, with better communication," says Julie Van der heyden of museumPASSmusées. "The Belgian museum offer is infinitely rich and surprising, and you don't have to go to a big city to find a quality museum. There is something for everyone, and this diversity is a strength. After all, every visitor has his own reasons for going to the museum."

Towards a museum more accessible to everyone

Most respondents associate a visit to the museum with an opportunity to learn something. The desire to experience a new experience and enjoy a moment of relaxation are also two important reasons. The museums they visit most are those of history, science and, thirdly, art.

Making museums more accessible and more visible are two essential missions for Brussels Museums, one of the founding members of the pass. An initiative like the museumPASSmusées is a unique opportunity to lower the barriers towards a more inclusive museum.

6 months after its launch, the pass has already sold 60,000 copies and brought the number of museum visits made thanks to it to 158,000! 91% of pass holders visit the museum more often since their acquisition.