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2017 is the year of René Magritte

On the 15th of August 1967, this year 50 years ago, René Magritte passed away. Brussels commemorates the surrealist painter.

In 2017 René Magritte passed away 50 years ago. Brussels, Magritte's hometown, remembers the surrealist through various expositions and activities. The proud of Brussels grew out to be an icon of surrealism, one of the 20th century defining art movements. A sample of the Brussels' programme. 

The Magritte Museum remembers the former inhabitant of Jette with "Magritte is alive", an exhibition highlighting the influence of the surrealist on contemporary artists. Another exposition focuses on the relationship of Magritte with the art critic Marcel Lecomte

It goes without saying that the René Magritte Museum in Jette organizes plenty of activities throughout the year. Every first Sunday of the month the museum offers a free activity such as a lecture, guided tour or games. All information is available on the Facebook page of the museum, but also on the Facebook page René Jette '17. As we Belgians love a beer, the Brussels brewery En Stoemelings decided to develop a triple beer named after Magritte's spouse Georgette. A red bio wine from the South of France honors the painter by giving it his name.

The Atomium, another Brussels' icon, "meets Magritte" in a few temporary exhibition spheres. "Atomium meets Magritte" exhibits a few unique works of art on a unique location. 

Read more about upcoming events involving the master of surrealism on our website or through our social media.