20 exhibitions that will save your Autumn in Brussels

This season, our agenda is overflowing with so many new exhibitions we don’t actually know how we’ve fit them all in. We tried though. 

From a trip to the Middle Ages to a shape-shifting reality, from a competition between Magritte and Dali to a road trip in America, here are 20 exhibitions that will literally save your Autumn.

The Sky is on Fire - Emmanuel Van der Auwera

05.09.2019 > 03.11.2019

In the heart of Miami, this video installation plunges you in a digitally transformed environment. Immersive and disturbing.

See it at the Nocturnes on 31.10.

Sorted, Resorted - Gabriel Kuri

06.09.2019 > 05.01.2020

Do you like your art with a hint of irony? In 'Sorted, Resorted' at WIELS, Gabriel Kuri's conceptual and complex sculptures translate the question of value of things into seductive forms.

See it at the Nocturnes on 14.11.

Henry Wessel - Summer Light - A Stichting Foundation

22.09.2019 > 15.12.2019

The Californian light of Henry Wessel's photographs transform the daily life of the 60's into true poetry.

See it at The Nocturnes on 14.11.

Crossroads - Art & History Museum

27.09.2019 > 29.03.2020

Yes, Games of Thrones is over. But the Art & History Museum is making up for it with an exhibition that takes us back 1500 years. A journey through the Early Middle Ages to meet Merovingians, Vikings and Egyptians!

Obsessions - MIMA

27.09.2019 > 05.01.2020

Designed by MIMA and La "S" Grand Atelier, this exhibition transforms the museum into a church where each alcove is invested with a crossmedia project between contemporary art and outsider art. It’s also a whole questioning on the notions of art and normality.

See it at The Nocturnes on 21.11.

WREK - Olivier Deprez - Bibliotheca Wittockiana

29.09.2019 > 19.01.2020

With WREK, engraver and illustrator Olivier Deprez takes us into his inner world. Black printing of white sheets and animated films with woodcuts offer an obsessive vision of the image.

See it at the Nocturnes on 17.10.

Beginnings - ARGOS

06.10.2019 > 22.12.2019

With "Beginnings", Roy Villevoye questions anthropological documentary as a medium and its colonial heritage. By detaching himself from the documentary, he lets the viewer confront Western myths.

See it at the Nocturnes on 21.11.

America does not exist - art et marges museum

04.10.2012 > 02.02.2020

What really remains of the American dream? Maybe a little tour at art et marges museum will tell us. About a hundred works by outsider and contemporary artists from all over the world imagine a vision of America.

See it at The Nocturnes on 10.10.

Dalí & Magritte - Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium

11.10.2019 > 09.02.2020

A new surrealist rendez-vous between the two artists who spent a few weeks together during the summer of 1929. 80 works explore the personal and aesthetic similarities of these two pioneers of modern art.

The World of Bruegel in black and white - KBR

15.10.2019 > 16.02.2020

The Bruegel year continues with an exhibition that brings together the entire printed production of the Flemish master. Unmistakable!

See it at the Nocturnes on 05.12.

Antarctica - Museum of Natural Sciences

17.10.2019 > 30.08.2020

Put on your winter jacket and explore Antarctica as if you were there! Thanks to the magnificent images of the director of March of the Penguins, Antarctica presents you with the incredible and fragile terrestrial and underwater biodiversity of the white continent.

See it at the Nocturnes on 07.11.

Back to Bruegel - Experience the 16th century - Halle Gate

18.10.2019 > 18.10.2020

Fly back in Bruegel's time and directly into his paintings thanks to virtual reality. Authentic treasures from the New World (weapons, armours, musical instruments, etc.) combined with the mythical setting of Halle Gate simply take us back to the 16th century!

Paul Delvaux. The man who loved trains - Train World

22.10.2019 > 15.03.2020

Many of Paul Delvaux's works showcase his love for trains and stations. No wonder that this new exhibition of his works finds its rightful place in the singular scenography of Train World!

See it a the Nocturnes on 31.10.

Love. Hate. Debate. Start a Conversation with the ING Collection. - ING Art Center

23.10.2019 > 15.03.2020

ING's corporate collection for the first time accessible to the general public! The exhibition focuses on this intimate relationship that is sometimes created between art watchers and the work of art, leaving its indelible mark on our vision of the world.

See it at the Nocturnes on 28.11.

Ekphrasis - Boghossian Foundation

24.10.2019 > 09.02.2020

Writing in art! Through this exhibition, 40 artists show us how they have used painting or sculpture on the one hand and writing on the other hand as a means of replacing or describing an image.

Super Heroes never die - Jewish Museum of Belgium

08.11.2019 > 26.04.2020

How are superheroes born? Through more than two hundred works, the exhibition "Superheroes Never Die. Comics and Jewish Memories' tells how American comics have been intertwined with the tumults of history from their beginning to the present day.

See it at the Nocturnes on 05.12.

The Theatre of the Ballenesque - Roger Ballen - CENTRALE FOR CONTEMPORARY ART

14.11.2019 > 14.03.2020

Roger Ballen may be one of the most important photographers of his generation, exhibited at Tate Britain, Rijksmuseum and MoMA (Ney York), but this is his first major exhibition in Brussels! At the CENTRALE, he offers to explore the meanders of the unconscious in a vast theatre of the absurd: the Ballenesque.

See it at the Nocturnes on 05.12.

PUNK GRAPHICS: Too Fast to Live, Too Young to Die - ADAM Brussels Design Museum

20.11.2019 > 26.04.2020

Punks Not Dead. ADAM Brussels Design Museum has skimmed through the graphics of the 70s and 80s punk movements to present this private New York collection enriched with archival images and videos as well as clothing and visual art.

Keith Haring - BOZAR

06.12.2019 > 19.04.2020

Keith Haring's work, instantly recognizable and made of multiple influences (from space travel to hip-hop to video games), crosses the ages without blinking until today!

Pico Bogue with family - Belgian Comic Strip Centre

10.12.2019 > 31.05.2020

Already a classic comic book since 2008, Pico Bogue follows a little boy and his sister in their daily lives. All this with a good dose of philosophy, in the style of Calvin and Hobbes or Le Petit Nicolas.

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