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22 exhibitions to see this Autumn in Brussels

The beginning of the school year might only mean one great thing: the hottest exhibitions of the season are slowly but surely pointing their nose.

And hopefully for you, we have compiled 22 exhibitions you can't miss in our Brussels Museums this season.

RESISTANCE – Centrale for Contemporary Art

Through a dialogue between works from 1968 and contemporary creations, the RESISTANCE exhibition explores the way in which protest and resistance fit into the body of artworks. 27.09.2018 > 27.01.2019

Koenraad Dedobbeleer : Kunststoff – Gallery of Material Culture - WIELS

An exhibition to wittily question the value of material and art in the company of Koenraad Dedobbeleer at WIELS. 22.09.2018 > 06.01.2019

Brussels, November 1918 - Belvue Museum

On 11 November 1918, the Great War ended. But how did the people of Brussels experience the end of war after almost 50 months of occupation? Through historical photographs, film archives and objects of the time, the exhibition from Belvue Museum plunges us into the turmoil characteristic of Brussels in 1918. 26.09.2018 > 06.01.2019

Ainsi, Dire - Bibliotheca Wittockiana

The non-profit organization Cultures Maison, organiser of the festival of the same name dedicated to the publishing and distribution of comic strips and graphic and narrative works, is presenting 3 authors at Bibliotheca Wittockiana. Eric Lambé, Christophe Poot and Florian Huet pay particular attention to the form of their books, a perfect marriage for the Book Arts & Book Binding Museum! 29.09.18 > 20.01.19

Ernest and Célestine – Red Cloister Abbey Art Centre

Familiar with internationally recognized children's books or their 2012 film adaptation, do not miss the free opening of the exhibition Ernest and Célestine at the Red Cloister in the purely idyllic setting of the abbey! 13.09.2018 > 20.01.2019

Beyond Klimt - BOZAR

This exhibition from BOZAR is your chance to take a look at the Central European territories in full transition through the eyes of Gustav Klimt, Josef Capek, Egon Schiele, Oskar Kokoschka, László Moholy-Nagy and 75 other artists. 21.09.2018 > 20.01.2019

Women in Art Brut? - art et marges museum

Works by and portraits of women alternate in this exhibition from art et marges museum that features 105 works by Austrian and International artists. All through the eye of a woman, the Viennese collector Hannah Rieger, who invites us to experience “Outsider Art” her way. 05.10.2018 > 10.02.2019

Berlin. 1912-1932 - Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium

Through paintings, sculptures, drawings, photographs and films by artists such as Otto Dix, Raul Hausmann, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Kazimir Malevich, Alexander Rodchenko... the exhibition explores the gripping period of Berlin, cosmopolitan artistic hotspot between 1912 and 1932. 05.10.2018 > 27.01.2019.

Teddy & Bear - Museum of Natural Sciences

Children and adults alike will enjoy coming with their teddy bear and compare his life to that of his animal model at the Museum of Natural Sciences. An exhibition to discover the bear and become aware of its protection. 18.10.2018 > 01.09.2019

Leonard Freed. Worldview : Photographing the World Disorder - Jewish Museum of Belgium

The fight for racial equality in the USA, Europe during the Cold War, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the work of the police: far from choosing subjects at random, Leonard Freed, one of the masters of American documentary photography (1929-2006), shows us the world disorder. A retrospective presented at the Jewish Museum of Belgium. 19.10.2018 > 17.03.2019

Franz Courtens - Charlier Museum

Compared to William Turner & Claude Monet for 'its brush that strikes and grazes, exploses and vibrates on the canvas' (Karel van de Woestijne), Franz Courtens earned international recognition early on. Discover its outdoor paintings at Charlier Museum. 10.10.2018> 15.01.2019

Inca Dress Code - Art & History Museum

Think Incas didn't have a sense of fashion? Think again. We know that the Royal Museum of Art and History has an amazing collection of Andean & South-American artefacts but what about their textiles ? As it seems, they have plenty and they used to be super important symbols of power and very precious commodities. A promise of a surpsiring exhibition! 23.11.2018 > 24.03.2019

Play The Game - ADAM

The exhibition Play the Game at ADAM, in collaboration with Kartell Museo (Milan - Italy), tells the story of Kartell objects designed for kids. Think 50's, think plastic and two different pathways designed for kids and adults. 14.09.2018 > 27.01.2019

PORSCHE 70 YEARS - Autoworld

Showing no less than 50 unique models and race cars, Autoworld devotes an entirely new exhibition to the history of the classy sports brand created by father & son Ferdinand and Ferry Porsche. 14.12.2018 > 27.01.2019

KIDS MENU - Brussels Museum of Mill & Food

What's up with kids not eating their vegetables? 'A big history of little eaters' goes way back and details how and what kids used to eat throughout the history of humankind. With Kids Menu, expect food & more workshops!

Revolutions: Records & Rebels: 1966-1970 - ING ART CENTER

Put your headphones on and prepare for an immersive visit through the 60's. The Beach Boys, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Joni Mitchell and more than 250 symbolic objects symbolizing the flower power fueled freedom of the period are all out to enjoy in this resolutely revolutionary expo. 24.10.2018 > 10.03.2019

Beyond Borders - Boghossian Foundation - Villa Empain

From time immemorial, borders have raised questions related to themes of internal and external, identity and belonging. The 37 contemporary artists in Beyond Borders at Boghossian Foundation are bringing people together for an aesthetic reflection in this ever-beautiful mansion. 06.09.2018 > 24.02.2019

KANAL BRUT #2 - KANAL - Centre Pompidou

With a little help from ADAM, Brussels Design September &, of course, Centre Pompidou, 6 new exhibitions tailor-made for the gigantic Citroën garage are interrogating identities, colors, the Belgian design scene, public space, architecture and even the fifth elements at Kanal. 12.09.2018 > 07.01.2018

Beyond The Great War: 1918-1928 - War Heritage Institute - Royal Museum of the Armed Forces and of Military History

1918-1928, a society in revival! Through artefacts from the Roaring Twenties and interactive tools, this exhibition is filled with surprises and emotion 21.09.2018 > 10.11.2019

HISTORIES OF A PICTURE TO COME - ARGOS centre for art and media

What is the truth? This exhibition from video art centre ARGOS presents an investigation into how contemporary artists reflect on our recent past through photographic or moving images. Don't photographs often fail to grasp and tell something about what has happened? You find out. 23.09.2018 > 23.12.2018 - Archief en Museum voor het Vlaams Leven te Brussel

The is providing an extended insight of the part played by the bike in the everyday life in Brussels during the past 150 years. 22.09.2018 > 27.01.2019

Back Side - Fashion & Lace Museum

The back in fashion in all its aspects: adorned, loaded, forgotten, excessive, constrained, bare, marked…. In short, an angle that can never be looked at enough. An expo from Fashion & Lace Museum. 08.11.2018 > 31.03.2019

Check out the full agenda of our exhibitions here and rediscover most of them during the Brussels Museums Nocturnes every Thursday evening until December 6.