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18 must-see exhibitions in Brussels for 2022

Same old, same old in 2022? Not a chance! You’re in for some real surprises with this selection of 18 exhibitions to kick-start your new year. Diaries at the ready! 

A.J. Lode Janssens - A Balloon Home - CIVA

10.12.21 > 27.03.22

Meet A.J. Lode Janssens, one of Belgium’s most remarkable and radical architects and educators. For the past 20 years he has been living in voluntary exile, consciously resisting any form of public life. His prolific yet little-known works come together beautifully in the impressive ‘balloon home’ (Humbeek, 1973-82), an uncompromising attempt to peel back architecture and seek harmony with nature.

George van Raemdonck – Comics Art Museum

21.12.21 > 08.05.22

When we think of Belgian comic strips, we often think of Hergé. But a little bit before his time there was a cartoonist from Antwerp who sketched the adventures of two special heroes, Gumdrop and Beanstalk, and with it the first chapter of the history of the Belgian comic strip. This exhibition is dedicated to the life of George van Raemdonck and celebrates the 2022 centenary of this remarkable series!

Tools For Things and Ideas – IMAL

22.01.22 > 05.02.22

Saving the oceans, building new homes… 3D printing can really make a difference! This exhibition presents the results of the ‘Tools For Things And Ideas’ research project, an initiative from a collective of artists, biologists, theorists and producers who devote their time to the enrichment of the public domain through research and development of 3D technology and media.

Helen Levitt - One, Two, Three, More – Fondation A Stichting

22.01.22 > 10.04.22

Supported by Henri Cartier-Bresson and Walker Evans, Helen Levitt was a 20th-century pioneer of street photography. Ever since she took her first steps into the world of art, she was passionate about the life and people of her hometown, New York. This self-proclaimed socialist combined documentation with poetry and her impeccable ability to capture ‘the defining moment’. A must-see exhibition at the Fondation A Stichting!

MIMA Museum Reload – MIMA

04.02.22 > 29.05.22

In 2022 it’s time to reload the MIMA and create new momentum with a permanent collection that pushes the boundaries. Each of the works opens the door to the world of an artist or the memory of a past exhibition.

René Carcan Prize Winners – Bibliotheca Wittockiana

06.02.22 > 01.03.22

The René Carcan Prize was created in 2014 to mark the 20th anniversary of the death of the Belgian engraver and watercolourist René Carcan. It fulfilled his wish to shine more of a spotlight on the art of engraving and printmaking. The winners exhibit their work in the unique temple to book binding and art books, the Bibliotheca Wittockiana.

Don and Moki Cherry: Organic Music Societies – ARGOS

12.02.22 > 01.05.22

Organic Music Societies highlights the artistic collaboration between American trumpeter and avant-garde jazz composer Don Cherry and Swedish visual artist and designer Moki Cherry. Together with their two young children and a group of loved-ones, these life partners have created a collection of hybrid audiovisual performances that are brimming with life. A real mix has emerged, from folk music, paintings and tapestries to films and visual arts.

RHoK’s Eye – Impression / Expression – Erasmus House & Beguinage

18.02.22 > 22.05.22

In this new temporary exhibition, the ‘Free Graphics’ studio of the RHoK Academy presents an artistic dialogue exploring how images are created. Works on paper (wood engraving, lithography, screen printing and much more) plus digital works are showcased alongside the permanent collection at the Erasmus House. We dive into the different eras and representations to discover how ideas were spread in the 16th century – something that was very important to Erasmus – compared to how images go viral in today’s media.

Inner Travels: Rinus Van de Velde – BOZAR

18.02.22 > 15.05.22

As part of Europalia Train & Tracks, BOZAR provides us with an open invitation to join Rinus Van de Velde on his inner travels. Using different media, from drawings to sculptures, we enter the world of the artist and follow him on his journey of imaginary quests and semi-heroic adventures.

En quelques mots… – la Maison des Arts

19.02.22 > 30.04.22

In this exhibition, 12 artists play with words. Quite literally. Each creation is the result of a reflection on words and texts. Pertinent or meaningless, provocative or substitutes of images… Words in all their many guises enter into this dialogue at the Maison des Arts.

VOID – Le Botanique

24.02.22 > 17.04.22

The starting point for the VOID collective in this new exhibition was its own immateriality. With their exhibition at the Botanique, visual artists Arnaud Eeckhout and Mauro Vitturini transform the museum rooms into an active sound factory.

Kasper Bosmans: Husbandry – WIELS

25.02.22 > 31.07.22

“I am trying to find visual solutions for indigestible stories.” The Belgian artist Kasper Bosmans has always been fascinated by stories. In this exhibition he unpicks their threads and playfully weaves them into new tales. These can be colourful murals, but also installations, sculptures or ‘legend paintings’ (wooden panels he paints with traditional themes). Taking place at WIELS, Husbandry presents creations using a mix of materials and references, and a leitmotif of queer culture.

Portrait of a Lady – Boghossian Foundation

09.03.22 > 20.10.22

The position of women in different cultures and civilisations, from the East to the West: this was the starting point for this exhibition from the Boghossian Foundation. Through a series of works of art you’ll discover how women have been depicted since prehistoric times. Walk in the footsteps of some exceptional female artists and women and experience how they’ve been viewed through the centuries.

High Voltage – Art et marges museum

23.03.22 > 12.06.22

After the completely zen exhibition Within the folds of time (on until 13 March), the Art & Marges Museum returns fully charged with High Voltage. Between the lines and wires, the works of Franco Bellucci, Heide De Bruyne, Eric Derochette, Cecile Franceus and Pol Jean promise an undeniable force of attraction. Expect sparks to fly!

Christian Dotremont - Royal museums of Fine Arts of Belgium

01.04.22 > 07.08.22

Marking the 100th anniversary of the birth of the Belgian poet and painter Christian Dotremont, co-founder of the CoBrA movement, the Royal Museums of Fine Arts and the Archives and Museum of Literature are dedicating an exceptional exhibition to him. More than 120 works on paper showcase his captivating graphic creations that oscillate between writing and painting.

Charlotte Perriand : How do we want to live? Politics of photomontage – Design Museum Brussels

01.04.22 > 28.08.22

French architect, designer and photographer Charlotte Perriand dedicated her life to improving the living conditions of as many people as possible. In the 1930s she made huge photomontages to condemn unhealthy urbanism and share her vision of a better way to live. This exhibition shows us her perspective of the world. We dive into her way of working and her incredible collection of photos and archive images that have been reworked into immense photomontages.

Toots 100. The Sound of a Belgian Legend – KBR Museum

22.04.22 > 31.08.22

When Toots Thielemans died in 2016, the foundation dedicated to him donated his personal archive to the KBR. His musical instruments were gifted to the MIM. To celebrate what would have been his 100th birthday, the two institutions present an experiential exhibition. Come and rummage through the immense treasure trove of this world-famous guitarist and harmonica player whose heart always belonged to Brussels.

This is what you came for – CENTRALE for contemporary art

28.04.22 > 02.10.22

A mix of sculptures, installations, videos and performances transports you into the world of Els Dietvorst, visual artist, producer and recipient of the BelgianArtPrize 2021, who lives and works in the south-east of Ireland. The exhibition This is what you came for has been created as an invitation to explore the almost ritualistic acts and creations the artist started during the lockdown.

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