13 exhibitions to catch this summer in Brussels

Spending this summer in good old Brussels? We've selected 13 exhibitions that'll help you fight against boredom, heatwaves and summertime sadness.

Summer Collection #3

Highlights and hidden treasures of the art et marges museum form their colorful outsider art new summer exhibition. 21-06-2018 > 16-09-2018

(re)compose the city - Unbuilt Brussels #2

Ever wondered what the Brussels landscape would look like if it had given birth to unbuild architectural projects? This exhibition at CIVA digs deep into unexplored possibilities to discuss the current urbanization of Brussels. 01-06-2018 > 14-10-2018

Kanal Brut

With Kanal Brut, KANAL – Centre Pompidou offers a unique and huge - 350.000 sqm - exhibition that reflects and echoes with the identity of the former Citroën garage. Run if you still haven't seen it ! 05-05-2018 > 10-06-2019

LOL La Cambre Mode[s]

Carte blanche to the students of Brussels Fashion School La Cambre Mode[s] who are on a mission to question the concepts of body, nudity, gender and clothing at Fashion & Lace Museum. 23-06-2018 > 30-09-2018

Design Generations. Intersection 5

Time for ADAM’s biennial of contemporary design! It invites visitors to take a fresh look at the past, present and future of the designer's profession through the craft and products of 10 Belgian design companies. 06-06-2018 > 04-11-2018

Charlemagne Palestine

Totemic divinities and other fluffy beings from a magical universe designed by New York-born musician and visual artist Charlemagne Palestine have taken shelter in the spaces created by Victor Horta in BOZAR. 11-05-2018 > 26-08-2018

Get up, stand up!

MIMA gathers +450 protest posters & objects retracing popular activism from 1968 to 1973 in their very rich 'Get up, Stand Up' exhibition that may finally make you want to rise up. 09-05-2018 > 30-09-2018

Giants !

Coudenberg hosts an exhibition highlighting all the facets of the impressive legendary characters fantasized by man since time immemorial. A great excuse to roam around the remains of the Coudenberg Palace, former residence of Emperor Charles V in Brussels. 17-05-2018 > 02-09-2018


Never judge a book by its cover, except maybe this time. That's right, these absolutely spellbinding limited edition books released by publisher APPAR and born of the collaboration between writers and plastic artists are little treasures right now on display at Bibliotheca Wittockiana. 27-05-2018> 16-09-2018


Boghossian Foundation dedicates a masterful expo to melancholy at Villa Empain where 70 works of modern and contemporary artists cover all of our existential issues. 15-03-2018 > 19-08-2018

Josef Koudelka - 'Invasion Prague 1968'

Marking the fiftieth anniversary of the Soviet tanks rolling into Prague in 1968, Botanique is hosting one of the living legends of contemporary photography, Josef Koudelka. 'Koudelka, without ever previously having taken a news photograph, had is legendary images rapidly become icons of the struggle for freedom'. 14-06-2018 > 12-08-2018

Amy Winehouse. A Family Portrait

We only said goodbye with words. In Amy Winehouse – A Family Portrait, the Jewish Museum of Belgium tenderly opens a door into the most personal aspects of this icon gone way too soon. Go for a sing-along and more waves of emotions. 10-05-2018> 16-09-2018


What does it mean to be truly present today ? 36 contemporary artists are harmoniously invading the gardens and house of the Van Buuren Museum, inviting you to pay close attention to the smallest details and leaving you pleasantly confused. 25-06-2018 > 30-09-2018

That's it! Have a great summer and find @brusselsmuseums on instagram for more inspiration.