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12 exhibitions to wrap up the year 2021 in style

Whether it's festive or a time to take stock of our lives, we all have an opinion about the holiday season. To embellish your coming winter and all these considerations linked to 2021, we propose 12 sanctuary exhibitions that we hope will serve as moments of escape. Enjoy without moderation!  

Geneviève Asse - 'Une fenêtre sur le livre' – Bibliotheca WIttockiana

19-09-2021> 30-01-2022

Winter will be blue. Between sky and sea, the Bibliotheca Wittockiana offers to rediscover the engraved work of a major artist of contemporary abstraction, Geneviève Asse. Books, canvases, notebooks of drawings and painting essays are the many openings on the journey of a free-spirited artist.

Within the folds of time - art et marge museum

07.10.2021 > 06.02.2022

2022 very soon? No comment! We'd rather enjoy the break in space and time offered by the new exhibition at the art et marges museum. Works that overwhelm our senses and offer us the chance to contemplate at ease "within a fold of time".

T-Rex – Museum of Natural Sciences

13-10-2021> 07-08-2022

Meet Trix and the Tyrannosaurs at the Museum of Natural Sciences! Trix is 67 million years old and comes from the Naturalis Museum in the Netherlands. For this new exhibition where she occupies the central place, the museum allows dinosaur fans from 5 years old to understand the work of paleontologists through 6 interactive devices and multiple varied challenges.

Orient-Express : Mythical, Luxurious, Belgian! - Train World

26.10.2021 > 17.04.2022

Train journeys carry very personal stories, but this one is clearly a myth! The Orient-Express has been a source of inspiration for literature and cinema and continues to symbolise a time when travelling was an art. Train World offers a glimpse into this dream with this flagship exhibition in the Europalia Trains & Tracks programme. Exceptional, two original carriages of the legendary train will be brought to Brussels and made accessible to the public!

'La vie matérielle' – CENTRALE for Contemporary Art

09.12.2021 > 13.03.2022

Taking its title from Marguerite Duras' book of the same name, this later exhibition at the CENTRALE closes our selection in style! It presents a dialogue between 12 Italian and Belgian artists on the link between art and life; works of refuge that have in common the use of humble materials associated with craftsmanship and a desire to connect the emotional and our inner life with the everyday life and the body.

Jean Delville & Co – Belgian Museum of Freemasonry

14-10-2021> 16-01-2022

Dive into the mysterious world of the underrated Belgian symbolist painter Jean Delville at the Belgian Museum of Freemasonry. A new exhibition with works from the collection of the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles and the lodges presented to the public for the first time.

Before Time Began – Art & History Museum

22-10-2021> 29-05-2022

A new exhibition dedicated to Australian Aboriginal art in collaboration with the prestigious Fondation Opale. Before Time Began explores the creation of the earth and 'Dreamtime', a mythical time when ancestral spirits created everything, past, present and future.

Witches avant la lettre – KBR Museum

26-10-2021> 24-04-2022

In a new selection of manuscripts from its Librairie des Ducs de Bourgogne, the KBR Museum proposes a thematic focus: "Witches avant la lettre" which precedes the cliché of the medieval witch. Whether they are saints, beguines, sibyls or mermaids, discover the many facets of these women at a particular period, just before the beginning of the witch hunt.

How will it end ? – Boghossian Foundation (Villa Empain)

02-12-2021> 06-02-2022

This new exhibition from the Boghossian Foundation, conceived in partnership with the Centre Pompidou, offers an original dialogue between works from its exceptional collections and artworks by Lebanese artists of all generations who have been created in recent years or following the tragic explosions of August 4, 2020. Between despair and gentleness, exile and new roots, these works sketch out some possible futures.

A voyage into the moon - Mira Sanders & Cédric Noël – Le Botanique

09-12-2021> 06-02-2022

Hiroshima, August 6, 1945: a flash, a violent explosion, the atomic bomb. Somewhere on the Moon, a creature feels threatened. Shortly after, the Japanese army receives a signal from a mysterious astronaut. Are we no longer alone in the universe? Welcome to A Voyage into the Moon! This exhibition of recent works by artists Mira Sanders and Cédric Noël cheerfully mixes reality and fiction in a futuristic scenography, between humour and fascination.

Magical Theatres - Halle Gate

01-12-2021> 04-12-2022

Once a source of marvel for young and old alike, the paper theatre (miniature theatre or table theatre) has now been somewhat forgotten. The exhibition "Magical Theatres" at the Halle Gate aims to revive this magical world of toy theatre, its wonderful colourful sets and its little paper actors.

Sol LeWitt. Wall drawings, works on paper, structures (1968 – 2002) – Jewish Museum of Belgium

02-12-2021> 01-05-2022

Through a unique selection of wall drawings, works on paper, gouaches, structures, and archives dating from the 1960s to the 2000s, the Jewish Museum's new exhibition highlights the diversity and unity in the work of conceptual artist Sol LeWitt. It presents a double "first": an exploration of his Jewish heritage and an investigation of his ties to Belgium.

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