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10 exhibitions you won’t want to miss this spring in Brussels

This spring hop on a spaceship, on the trail of your parents' revolutions, under hallucinogenic substances or meet pigs with better tattoos than yours.

In short, in 2019, you will see all kinds of wild things in Brussels' museums with these 10 exhibitions to mark in your agenda.

Restless Youth – House of European History

It's pretty clear today, young people are making history and they do not need to be lectured! The Restless Youth exhibition looks back at 4 generations fighting for their ideals. It also focuses on the key experiences of the youth in Europe: education and employment, identity and love. 01.03.2019 > 29.02.2020

Wim Delvoye - Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium

Have you ever seen a machine digesting food with all the implications? A figure in the world of contemporary art, the Belgian Wim Delvoye shocks. Often confronting the trivial with the religious or the political, his sculptures and installations combine universes while often using surprisingly modern technologies. A retrospective of the Royal Museums of Fine Arts. 22.03.2019> 21.07.2019

Liquid Intelligence - WIELS

With Liquid Intelligence, WIELS is offering a poetic and committed exhibition dedicated to the American artist Ellen Gallagher. She develops surrealist imageries through the encounter of black pop culture idols and iconography based on microbiological life forms. In short: to see rather than describe. 02.02.2019 > 28.04.2019

Dream Box – MIMA

Looking for an immersive and dreamy experience? The in situ installations that make up the new MIMA exhibition offer 5 magical worlds that would even impress the most famous illusionists. The collectives Hell'O, Gogolplex and the artists Escif, Felipe Pantone and Elzo Durt are in charge. 01.02.2019 > 01.09.2019

Intergalactic encounters, Serge Delaunay and André Robillard - art et marges museum

Best known for his famous guns, André Robillard is also passionate about space exploration! Serge Delaunay has been accumulating thousands of drawings for several years, sketching the slightest details of his internal extraordinary journeys. Prepare for a sparkly encounter. 21.02.2019 > 09.06.2019

Flamboyant - Boghossian Foundation - Villa Empain

Who do you think you are? An art collector of the 1920s and 1930s as it seems. This is what promises Flamboyant, the new immersive exhibition at Villa Empain. Decorated for the occasion with more than 200 period furniture, objects and especially works of art by major artists, the villa will shine. 28.03.2019 > 24.08.2019

Mini 60 years - Autoworld Brussels

Small car, big history. Autoworld Brussels celebrates the 60th anniversary of the classiest of mini-autos with many models that have played an important role in the evolution of the society of the 60's. 16.03.2019 > 28.04.2019

Designing the Night. Graphic Design of Belgian Club Culture 1970-2000 - ADAM Brussels Design Museum

In Belgium, we know how to party. And contrary to what you might believe, we even do it in style! At Adam Brussels Design Museum, you get a fresh look at the Belgian nightlife according to its graphic identities (posters, flyers,...) since the 70's. Get that groove on. 01.03.2019 > 29.09.2019

Sophie Whettnall & Etel Adnan – CENTRALE for contemporary art

The ice field, the forest and the stars. Artist Sophie Whettnall works with light through video, performance, drawing and painting. At the CENTRALE, she invites the visual artist Etel Adnan to share an intimate and personal vision of the landscape, light and its transparencies. 04.04.2019 > 04.08.2019

Prints in the Age of Bruegel - BOZAR / Royal Library of Belgium

2019 is without a doubt the year of Pieter Bruegel with many exhibitions commemorating the 450 years since his passing. Among these, we'll mention Prints in the Age of Bruegel in BOZAR in collaboration with the Royal Library of Belgium. In this exhibition, images and illustrations on paper are as much a rarity to discover as they are a witness to the strength of engraving as a form of visual communication. 27.02.2019 > 26.05.2019

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