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10 exhibitions you must see during the summer of 2022

With the unusual amount of warm and sunny days, this summer sure is going great, huh? Well, it’s about to get even greater with our carefully curated list of exhibitions for you to see this summer!  

Portrait of a Lady – Boghossian Foundation

24.03.2022 > 04.09.2022

The position of women in different cultures and civilisations, from the East to the West: this was the starting point for this exhibition from the Boghossian Foundation. Through a series of works of art you’ll discover how women have been depicted since prehistoric times. Walk in the footsteps of some exceptional female artists and women and experience how they’ve been viewed through the centuries.

Chronicles From a Near Future - iMAL

24.06.2022 > 25.09.2022

How does the living world look today and what forms of biodiversity can we expect to see in the near or distant future? This exhibition invites you to ponder over future life through future forest sounds, de-evolved life forms with strange anatomies and enigmatic functions. We promise you; you will feel like you’ve traveled not only places but through time after visiting this expo.

Charlotte Perriand. How do we want to live? Politics of photomontage. - Design Museum Brussels

01.04.2022 – 28.08.2022

French architect, designer and photographer Charlotte Perriand dedicated her life to improving the living conditions of as many people as possible. In the 1930s she made huge photomontages to condemn unhealthy urbanism and share her vision of a better way to live. This exhibition shows us her perspective of the world. We dive into her way of working and her incredible collection of photos and archive images that have been reworked into immense photomontages.

Kidorama. 200 years of children’s fashion. – Fashion & Lace Museum

08.07.2022 > 03.05.2023

For all you fashion history fans out there, we know you cannot resist this exhibition of children’s fashion since 1820. Built in both thematic and chronological way, Kidorama raises questions about gender construction, the development of unisex fashion, imitation of adult clothing and growing interest for luxury clothing for kids.

Comics at the Louvre – Comics Art Museum

25.02.2022 > 11.09.2022

Meet Mona and her other Louvre friends now at the Comics Art Museum. Through the works of 20 renown comic artists, you can now experience the Parisian museum - its iconic rooms and works of art - in the forms of French-Belgian bande dessinée or manga.

Invader Rubikcubist – MIMA

24.06.2022 > 08.01.2023

Yes, Brussels got ‘Invaded’ once or twice in the past by the 8-bit looking sculptures on our street corners, but we have now been invaded by the French artist’s solo exhibition! MIMA is now displaying Invader’s works of the past 20 years the famous theme of ‘Rubikcubism’.

Royals & Trains > Train World

10.05.2022 – 22.01.2023

Ever wondered what kind of trains the Belgian Royals used to take? Experience the beauty of traveling in royal trains through exclusive photos, objects, historic documents and the vehicles, in all its glory! Forget about first class ticket, this one gives you a ‘royal’ class ticket.

(Un)Common Values. Two corporate collections of contemporary art. – National Bank of Belgium

21.03.2022 > 18.09.2022

Step inside the counter hall of National Bank of Belgium and reflect the changes in our society through 2 corporate collections of contemporary art. In collaboration with Banco de España, the 2 banks bring together 43 contemporary artists’ works to start a dialogue about the inherent value of art. Entrance is free.

Magical Theatres – Halle Gate

01.12.2021 > 04.12.2022

The paper theatre, or miniature theatre or tabletop theatre was once a source of pleasure for young and old. The "Magical Theatres" exhibition brings back to life the magical world of this toy, its fantastic colourful decors and small paper actors. The Halle Gate opens the doors onto a world full of stories, from Shakespeare plays to the tales of the Grimm Brothers.

Unfolding Landscapes – Royal Museums of Art & History

20.07.2022 > 18.09.2022

Discover exhibition by 42 Ukrainian artists which originally exhibited at KunstCentret Silkeborg (Denmark), now in Brussels. After the original exhibition, the works were supposed to be sent back to their owner, who are now however hiding, fleeing, or fighting in the war. Entrance is free.

That’s all, folks! Would you rather see not only 10, but even 20 or 30 exhibitions? Then, check out our extended exhibition calendar here!