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10 exhibitions to visit during the winter holidays

These 10 exhibitions from our Brussels Museums will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Ernest and Célestine - Red Cloister Art Center

Any excuse is good to go for a walk along the Sonian Forest with the beautiful setting of the Red Cloister Abbey as background. And as icing on the cake, a temporary exhibition dedicated to Ernest & Célestine will warm up the hearts of young and old romantics. 13.09.2018> 20.01.2019

Berlin 1912-1932 - Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium

In this exhibition, the roaring twenties of 1920s Berlin and its cabarets evoke the warmth of a cosmopolitan winter where anything is possible, from complete euphoria to total havoc. 05-10-2018> 27-01-2019

Back-Side - Fashion from Behind - Fashion & Lace Museum

Looking for a party outfit? This expo dedicated to the back in fashion should give you a lot of inspiration to take your entourage aback. 08.11.2018> 31.03.2019

Kids Menu - Brussels Museum of the Mill and Food

A curious mill in the middle of a park and an exhibition dedicated to children’s favorite meals: in short, more than a mere festive touch! 19-10-2018> 31-08-2019


The AfricaMuseum reopened on December 9. If you have not (re-)discovered it yet, this is undoubtedly the ideal time for a winter walk beyond its ethnographic taboo-less collections and its incredible park of 205 hectares.

Bear & Teddy Bear - Museum of Natural Sciences

Need a little sweetness to go with your winter? The most recent exhibition from the Museum of Natural Sciences invites you to step into the life of the impressive yet fluffy mammals that are the bear. No shame here, you’re allowed to bring your very own teddy during the visit. 18-10-2018> 01-09-2019

Botanical Garden of Meise

For 6 winter evenings, the magic takes hold of the botanical garden during the "Floridylle" where a series of light artworks pave the incredible 92 hectares of this historic domain.

Nightfever. Designing Culture Club 1960 - Today - ADAM Brussels Design Museum

If you still don’t know where, how, or in what condition you'll be spending New Year’s Eve, the ADAM has some tips on the matter with its 'NightFever' exhibition entirely dedicated to nightclub design and culture. 21-11-2018> 05-05-2019

INCA Dress Code - Art & History Museum

That eternal Christmas sweater or infamous pair of socks received by your great aunt should definitely pale in comparison of the incredible collections of textiles and adornments gathered in the recent exhibition of the Art & History Museum. Through nearly 200 objects, ‘Inca Dress Code’ puts the aesthetic and talent of Incas front and centre.

Choco-Story Brussels

Even if it is moving very soon to a new, larger and more interactive home rue de l'Etuve, the Museum of Cocoa and Chocolate remains a dream address to maintain (let’s put it nicely) your appetite or perhaps spread a little generosity around you during the holidays!

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