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10 exhibitions to see this summer with the Brussels Card Summer Deal

It's summer and since many of us will be staying in Brussels or travelling here, we thought a small homemade selection would make you happy.

On top of that, to support the museum sector, and Brussels Museums (that's us) have just launched a new 20 € Brussels Card "Summer Deal": it allows everyone to enjoy unlimited access to 44 Brussels museums and a number of discounts during 48 hours. 😊 Enjoy!

Antarctica - Museum of Natural Sciences

17-10-2019 > 30-08-2020

In need of cooling? Explore Antarctica as if you were there! Thanks to the magnificent images of the director of March of the Penguins, Antarctica presents you with the incredible and fragile terrestrial and underwater biodiversity of the white continent.

Punk Graphics. Too fast to live, too young to die

20-11-2019 > 30-08-2020

Missing festival season? ADAM Brussels Design Museum has skimmed through the graphics of the 70s and 80s punk movements to present this private New York collection enriched with archival images and videos as well as clothing and visual art.

Museum of Abstract Art

The very first Museum of Abstract Art in Belgium opened its doors at the end of last year. Neighbouring the René Magritte Museum (where the most famous Belgian surrealist spent part of his life), it houses an incredible collection that goes deep in this current related to surrealism: Marthe Donas, Pierre Alechinsky, Paul Bury or Jo Delahaut, these artists with familiar names and many others constitute an exhibition between colours and shapes where 220 works are spread over 3 levels.

Keith Haring - BOZAR

06-12-2019 > 21-07-2020

A queer and committed summer! Keith Haring's work, instantly recognizable and made of multiple influences (from space travel to hip-hop to video games), crosses the ages without blinking until today!

Belgian Chocolate Village

Art Deco, sweet treats and a tropical greenhouse, opulence is also on the agenda this summer. The historical site of the 'Biscuiteries Chocolateries Victoria', home to Belgian Chocolate Village, is the ideal setting for chocolate lovers who want to understand and keep their addiction afloat!


31-01-2020 > 30-08-2020

Something flamboyant, something colorful! The anthropomorphic pop creatures of 11 international artists remind us how bestial our society can be. What if MIMA gave us a little pop lesson in humanity?

Reopening of the Magritte Museum

Blue sky or starry sky covered in mystery; Magritte often combines both. His poetic universe is once again accessible since the reopening of the Museum on July 1st! To be rediscovered in combination with the treasures and great masters of the Old Masters Museum.

Mappa Mundi - Fondation Boghossian - Villa Empain

05-03-2020> 04-10-2020

Voyage Voyage. How about laying our cards on the table with the world? The Boghossian Foundation showcases a new selection of works by contemporary artists who interpret through art the image of our planet.

Choco-Story Brussels

Choco-Story Brussels moved not so long ago. The result? More than 1,800 m2 dedicated to the history of chocolate and cocoa through a playful, immersive and highly interactive scenography. A perfect experience for a family outing with, as a bonus, a master chocolate maker who will amaze both eyes and taste buds with a demo of praline-making at the end of the visit!


As Belgium begins to wake up to its colonial past and many debates are rekindled about its contextualization, it seems to us that it might be time again for a visit to the AfricaMuseum to learn about our history and how it continues to define today's society!

Billy & Buddy, 60 years of happiness in everyday life – Belgian Comic Strip Center

Fall back into childhood with this exhibition dedicated to the most tender and funny comic book duo. Billy & Buddy have been living a pretty happy life since their first publication in Spirou Magazine in 1959!

Brel Singer / Brel Author - Brel Foundation

Je suis un soir d’été.. Okay, so are we, Jacques, but can you tell us more? Located just a stone's throw from the Grand Place, the Foundation reveals everything you need to know about the icon. Through a permanent digital exhibition, the visitor discovers the multiple facets of the man and the talent of an artist through the Brel Chanteur and Brel Auteur spaces.

So that’s a good start! Would you like to find out more about the 44 museums and the discounts included in the summer offer of the Brussels Card? Take a look at
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