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Understanding Belgium: permanent exhibition at BELvue museum!

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Having undergone a full makeover in 2016, the BELvue Museum is showcasing a themed exhibition on Belgium and its history. This contemporary, interactive exhibit hands visitors the keys needed for gaining a better understanding of Belgium and its society.

Seven contemporary themes are addressed in the rooms: democracy, prosperity, solidarity, pluralism, migration, language and Europe. Each team is firstly presented from the perspective of the present day, then subsequently developed and explained through the history of Belgium. How did Belgium and the Belgians become what they are today?

The galleries, with an excess of 200 objects, help to fill in the dotted lines and make the picture more complete. The objects, displayed chronologically from the nineteenth century to the present, make up what could be seen as Belgium’s “material memory”. Visitors can admire a lithograph by Magritte, crystal vases by Val Saint-Lambert, a Gilles de Binche carnival costume, and the first four-stroke motorcycle, among others. It’s an eclectic collection of everyday tools, artwork and design, scientific inventions, artefacts evoking Belgium’s rich folk culture, and so much more.

Combining a strong exhibition design with artful displays and a gallery full of surprising objects, the BELvue showcases Belgium’s history with a contemporary twist. Located in a magnificent eighteenth-century building adjoining the Royal Palace, the museum immerses you in Belgium, with all the fascinating aspects it entails.
It’s Belgian culture in the broadest sense of the term!