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12 top museums in Brussels for children and the whole family

Museums uptight? Think again. Following museums are about to prove everyone wrong as they offer tiny miracles for every age. These museums are perfect for children and families. 


Go treasure hunting in the ancient ruins of old Brussels, when the Coudenberg Palace still dominated the city. On this archaeological site, once the medieval center of Europe, you can admire the riches in the old establishments. Take on the role of Charles V and rediscover a whole underground world.

Children's Museum

Granted, this one’s not as much for 77-year-olds. The house Jadot in which the Children’s Museum is located looks like a fairy tale mansion for the little ones and promises to be one of the more exhausting museum visits since the brats are challenged to a wild adventure. The museum encourages its smaller visitors to discover for themselves, so parents are assured to hear some stunning tales afterwards. Every holiday there are also plenty of activities in the museum.

Museum of Natural Sciences

Taking a stroll between giant dinosaur skeletons as if you’re in Jurassic Park will only work up an appetite for more science! In a museum dedicated to science it’s clear that experiment is key, so make sure to bring along your common sense. And how important is a concept like age when you’re facing the skeleton of a dinosaur or one of the oldest human ancestors?

Choco-Story Brussels

Take a dive in the universe of cocoa and chocolate, pass a Maya temple where cocoa beans have been consumed 5000 years ago, step aboard the boat of Cortez who imported the cocoa beans in Europe; in short, everything about chocolate! Demonstration, tasting and audio guide are included in the visit for the little foodies.


Regardless of the age of the children, there is always something to experience and discover at Autoworld. In the huge gallery space, old and new cars appeal to the imagination of all children! And they can also take a seat in a real racing car!

International Puppet Museum - Peruchet

Ixelles hides a picturesque farm, unknown to a lot of people, but not anymore: the International Puppet Museum – Peruchet. The residents, a wide variety of puppets on a string, are assured to amaze visitors and take them on a fascinating adventure in the Royal Theatre of Peruchet. The entire collection of puppets is only on display during the breaks of performances. It’s impossible not to spot the suede leather puppet representing Hanuman, who made it all the way from India, where he was the absolute star of the traditional shadow theatre over 200 years ago.

Belgian Comic Strip Center

In the former Waucquez department store, an outstanding design by Victor Horta, the main protagonists of the Ninth Art found shelter in the Belgian Comic Strip Center. The origins of the typically Belgian art form are carefully illustrated, while comic greats such as Peyo and Hergé receive all the attention they deserve as well. If you feel too attached after your visit, the extensive museum shop got you covered.

Maurice Carême Museum

Maurice Carême was especially to the French speaking community of Belgium a celebrated author and poet. The versatile narrator compiled a timeless oeuvre highly valued by young and old. His beautiful house, nowadays an interesting museum, reveals which artworks inspired the frisky writer.

Africa Museum

Thanks to the numerous activities for the whole family, learn about the rich past and present and the enchanting fauna and flora of Central Africa. Wander around the prestigious corridors of the palace, which is placed in a different light in the current period of decolonization. Afterwards, if the weather is nice, be sure to enjoy a walk in the beautiful Tervuren park next to the AfricaMuseum.

Train World

Did you know that Brussels was the first capital city in the world that you could reach by train? Enjoy the gems of Belgian railroad architecture with a host of activities and exhibitions, for both adolescents and little ones. At Trainworld, you'll see the history of trains in Belgium through a different lens, at the crossroads of the historic Brussels-Mechelen railroad line. Enjoy!

BELvue Museum

With a unique offer for children from the age of 3, the BELvue Museum, dedicated to Belgium, is one of the only ones to adapt to the wishes of the whole family. The little ones (3-5 years) help Mimi & Momo in their search for hidden objects, the children between 6 and 8 years become ministers for one day, the older children (9-12 years) go on the road with Zeno.

Museum of the National Bank of Belgium

As we all know, money talks. Which is certainly true for this museum, where the history and use of currency is carefully explained. From shell to penny, the Museum of the National Bank of Belgium interest every single one of us as it’s never too late to become rich, but also because it’s highly interactive and really exposes all the aspects of what makes this world go round.