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The Wandering Light - Floris Vanhoof

Exhibitions Art > CINEMATEK
Une interprétation décalée et interactive de la collection d'objets precinema
CINEMATEK welcomes Floris Vanhoof, well─known for his performances and installations that mix sound, image and light. Passionate about the history of sound and cinema inventions, and in love with popular culture, the artist creates new sequences from old media, resulting in a journey both nostalgic and futuristic between cinema, image and music. Come and discover several installations echoing our museum collection, including a zoetrope tweaked by the artist, The Liquid Computer comprised of a Leslie amplifier and geometric cardboard structures, his Fossil Locomotion projection reviving fossils collected during his childhood, and also a personalization of the windows of our Wunderkammer, making the link between prehistory and the future of cinema.