Wasterlain, The Universes of a Storyteller

Exhibitions Art, Brussels > Belgian Comic Strip Center - Comics Art Museum Brussels
Wasterlain’s oeuvre has gained the admiration of many great artists, and it tells the story of a colourful world, full of the most profound humanism. Docteur Poche first came onto the scene in the comic magazine Spirou in 1976, and at the time it was as if a double revolution were taking place in Belgian comic strip art. Firstly because of the originality of his drawings, but also because of the onirism exuded by his character dressed in a top hat and red cape and flying through the air. Never for one minute forgetting that he is mainly writing for children, Marc Wasterlain, in the true spirit of a poet, also covers current affairs by recounting the adventures of the photographer Jeannette Pointu, a very resourceful heroine who reports events from all the four corners of the world. Welcome to the planet of cats and the island of butterfly-men; Marc Wasterlain will draw you into his fantasy universe, which is both funny and thrilling!