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Philippe Vandenberg

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This exhibition is closed until 19 November due to current health measures. If you have a ticket, you will find all the necessary information on this page. It is still possible to reserve your time slot, for a visit from 20 November. Take good care of yourself, your family and friends. The exhibition Philippe Vandenberg. Molenbeek is an eyewitness report. It is made up of large and small observations on paper, spanning Philippe Vandenberg’s final years, which he spent in Molenbeek. In his drawings and assemblages, Vandenberg takes the viewer on a tour of burlesque Molenbeek: an imaginary site where personal and collective traumas become entangled with metropolitan problems and global conflicts. Through this satirical universe, Vandenberg exposes the recurring structures of oppression, fundamentalism and one-dimensional thinking. Molenbeek is the first solo exhibition of the late works on paper by Philippe Vandenberg (1952-2009). Learn more about Philippe Vandenberg’s Molenbeek years.