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Xavier Noiret-Thomé - Henk Visch - 'Panorama'

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The exhibition Xavier Noiret-Thomé - Henk Visch. Panorama is an ode to painting and sculpture that poetically questions the human condition.

The CENTRALE for contemporary art never stops to put its programming in a resolutely international perspective, by proposing in particular duos of Brussels and international artists.

This time again, the CENTRALE is no exception to the rule and offers an unprecedented dialogue between two artists: Xavier Noiret-Thomé and Henk Visch.

Xavier Noiret-Thomé, a French artist based in Brussels, offers paintings and assemblies of rare diversity, which feed on knowledge, experience and assumed influences. He chose to invite the Dutch sculptor, cartoonist and painter to the internationally renowned Henk Visch, whose sculptures, sometimes monumental, sometimes miniature, are similar to him for human thought.

According to Xavier Noiret-Thomé, "we always paint what we are". An existential anchorage that perfectly matches the humanist reading of art shared by the CENTRALE, which combines contemporary art, folk art and art outsider in its thematic exhibitions. In this context, the invitation to Henk Visch makes perfect sense. What links the two artists is as much the vital energy deployed in the creation as the metaphysical dimension of their work, rooted in their own experience, while questioning the human condition.

Their works, intense and direct, sometimes tinged with humor, depict the real and try to identify the process of creation and its impact on life.

The exhibition is accompanied by an exceptional collaboration with De Garage in Mechelen.

With the support of Maison Lefebvre