Object: Administration

Exhibitions Art > Kanal - Centre Pompidou

We are pleased to inform our visitors that the offices of the former Citroën garage are going to be completely converted.
Respectful of its original environment, this conversion makes it possible to approach the spaces through a selection of works evoking their past functions. It invites visitors to discover, in the course of their visit, various types of objects and installations that make a critical or playful reference to the world of the administered society. From Haim Steinbach’s display stands for artistic merchandise to the precarious furniture sculptures of Fischli & Weiss, from Jenny Holzer’s warning-like slogans to the frail typewriter of Marcel Broodthaers, the organization of social work, in its various nuances, is a favourite subject of modern and contemporary artists. Perhaps this is a good reason to drop by the office again.