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Plastics from our urban waste are impacting our oceans! The Microplastics exhibition makes the invisible visible. Come and discover how these plastic particles reach even the tiniest living organisms.
Magnifying the microscopic, immersing yourself in this infinitely small and infinitely rich world. Using the example of plankton, photos taken by the scientists Richard Kirby and Thomais Vlachogianni and by the artist Jean Noviel raise questions about the dangers of microplastics. Absorbing contaminants and chemicals, these minuscule bits of waste are dispersed in our oceans. Nearly invisible to the naked eye, the particles are ingested by plankton, these small aquatic plants and animals at the base of the food chain in the marine environment. The microplastics pose very real risks to our environment and our health. The exhibition was first held in Biarritz, on the seashore, and is now travelling up the sewers to Brussels. Until 19 June 2021, these unique snapshots will raise your awareness.